Sir Mix a Lot

My Hooptie has been driven times.

Alex Sak
MI 48519
United States

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Sir Mix a Lot is now working with the group SUBSET which includes former members of the presidents of the united states.He was suppose to be in concert August 25 in my home state of Michigan. I drove 3 hours up north to see him at Streeters but he ended up cancelling his tour.I was hella pissed...I waited 3 months for that concert....Thanks a lot Sir Mix.... 10-5-01 Well the mix was in Traverse City this time he didn't cancel.Well I was planning on seeing him in concert,but come to find out I had to work that night.Again I was hella pissed.Sir Mix a Lot come to Flint and have a concert. It will be off the hook. You have to come back to Michigan so I can see you in concert. If your looking for a song with a lot of Bass download You Can't Slip,its a pretty awesome song.Go to


for your Mp3 needs.Check out Sara's page about


Need more info on Subset and the PUSA go to Tom's


page. If you know of any good Sir Mix a lot pages let me know because I haven't found another good one yet besides my decent one. Later


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